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NC Zoo Moves on Renewable Energy

North Carolina Zoo Offsets Electrical Consumption with Renewable Energy Credits. It takes a lot of electricity to run the North Carolina Zoo. Most of North Carolina’s electricity is generated by coal, the emissions of which are found at the heart … Continue reading

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Coop Sunday

Around mid day today I decided to shed a garbage can full of wood ash. I fired up the Dodge and headed to the coop, where Doug keeps a 55 gallon drum of the stuff.

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Biodiesel Sidestreams

Lyle’s session on Biodiesel Sidestreams at the “End of Cheap Oil” conference.

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Science Fair

At the Moncure School, participating in Science Fair is optional for fifth grade kids.

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January 2007 Coop Board Meeting

On a miserable January day (the 21st), Leif, Lyle, Rachel Burton, John and Matt met at the coop for a board meeting.

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Today Amanda and I headed to Greensboro to address a seminar group at NC Agricultural and Technical University. It is another “land grant” institution.

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Chemistry Class

Today I spoke to an auditorium full of seniors at NC State. NC State has been generous in their assistance to us over the years. So when I was asked to take a shift, I was happy to help out.

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Speaking to the EPA

Today Tami and Andrea and I traveled out to the EPA for lunch and a speech.

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Back in Action

We’ve just completed a server move, which should lead to a more rapidly updated website-but it has left us silent for a while as we strived to have one site mirror another. Sorry about that.

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V.P. of Sludge

One of the nice things about our current visibility as a biodiesel plant is that feedstock suppliers everywhere are beating a path to our door.

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