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Consolation Prize

It looks like President Bush’s visit to North Carolina was just a consolation prize. The DOE just announced 385 million in awards for cellulosic ethanol, and once again, we didn’t make the list.

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Small is Possible Review

I recently finished George McRobie’s Small is Possible. I’m supposed to be writing a book on our local economy-the working title of which was supposed to be: Small is Possible: Life in a Local Economy.

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Creating a Sustainable Biodiesel Industry

Meghan Murphy makes a case for a sustainable biofuel industry.

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Coop Board Meeting–February 2007

Another miserable rainy day, another Coop board meeting-this one held at Lyle’s kitchen table next to the woodstove.

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New Story

We have figured out how to update our website on our own. It’s really exciting. It appears there are only 3043 more out of date pages which need attention.

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Triangle’s fuel choices are few

Feb 22, 2007. While visiting a Franklinton biotech company today, President Bush will promote his call that Americans reduce gasoline consumption by 20 percent in the next decade.

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International Work

I have to say that I have always looked down my nose on international “development” work, since Piedmont began.

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Missing the Prom

It’s hard when you think you are on the dance card, but get dropped without notice.

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I hate being scooped by Kumar.

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Insight du Jour

Today Sami from Treehugger came to town for a tour. He lives in Carrboro, and doesn’t operate a car, so it took some co-ordination.

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