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Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance

Every year the National Biodiesel Board conference is “shadowed” by grassroots biodiesel activists, and every year we all end up inspired and wanting to form an organization to keep the inspiration alive.

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Trip to New York

We have yet to turn on the air conditioner at the farm, which means our solar array is kicking out about as much energy as the family consumes.

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Garlic Harvest

These are long days at the Plant. We are making, and shipping, thousands of gallons per day.

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Coop Conference 2007

July 13-15, 2007 at The Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado “Strategies For Community-based Biodiesel Groups”

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Wild Weather

The other day a book arrived from Dr. Reese Halter entitled Wild Weather; The Truth Behind Global Warming.

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