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Piedmont Biofarms Fall 2007 CSA

Piedmont Biofarms is pleased to announce the opening of its CSA.

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Local Ownership

Now that I am back on my horse, I have re-entered the Sustainable Biodiesel conversation.

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New Funding

Since April I have wanted to publish an entry called “First Profit.” But each month profit eludes us.

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Oily Rags

Oily rags left in a closed container can become a safety nightmare. Many people do not believe it can happen. For no apparent reason, fire erupts, usually during off hours as the materials have had time to react. It is … Continue reading

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Oil on the Brain

One thing I like about long flights is that I get caught up on my reading.

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Home from Iowa

In order to make it to staff meeting tomorrow, I needed to buy a ticket to Salt Lake City. Simple. Getting from Des Moines to Raleigh is fun and easy.

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And so the Work Begins

I am tired of the grind. Tired of reporting the news. But today I got some help from Gary Simpson.

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She’s Back

Tonight as Tami and I were settling into bed in our room at the Holiday Inn across from Mercy hospital. Dan called and said, “You got to get over here to see this.”

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Intentional Energy

I have wanted to take this blog back to where it began. Back to renewable energy, which is what people come to read about.

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Bedside Blogging

Heart surgery successful. Brain hemorrhage. Go back three spaces.

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