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Coming Home to Eat

I am just returning from a trip to Savannah, where I continued to flirt with biodiesel and the global marketplace.

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Janky But True

I seem to have struck a chord with my last reference to our imaginary Janky but True awards. The committee is currently meeting to determine whether or not they can accept Kumar’s nomination for his entire biodiesel plant.

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Hello Global Marketplace

We have an expression around the project, which we use whenever someone rigs up a solution that is somewhat sketchy. We tend to ask, “Are you going to enter that into the Ă«Janky but True Awards?”

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North Carolina Biodiesel Trade Group Launched

North Carolina biodiesel pioneers, including industry leaders, community college representatives and workforce development experts, have formed a trade association to promote increased use and production of biodiesel fuels in North Carolina.

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Cultivating Oilseed Community

Bob and Camille moved to town from Texas. They had been watching our project from afar, and now they are at the heart of it.

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WVO Meeting Called

Piedmont Biofuels has begun collecting waste vegetable oil in earnest. On January 13, we will be having an organizational meeting for those interested in getting involved in the oil collection aspect of our enterprise.

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Fresh Perspective

Awhile back I noticed Farmer Doug had a ladder that went way up into a tree. I felt it was and invitation to children to hurt themselves, so I took it down.

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Background Stressors

I’ve just returned from Canada, holidaying with the family. Toting the six of us from place to place is challenging enough, but Canada always provides interesting perspectives for me.

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