Monthly Archives: April 2008

Death in the Family

The old oak tree on the south side of our farmhouse is now gone. The children were out playing in the rain. We were at the kitchen table. Heard a thud. And it was over.

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Catching the Rain

Arlo and I have been diligently working on our rain water delivery system.

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Biofuels in the Lexicon

It looks like it’s over for “biofuels.” The word, that is.

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2007 Annual Meeting

Yesterday we held our annual meeting at the West End Wine Bar in Chapel Hill. About sixty members showed up for a Coop update.

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Biofuels Today

Tonight I headed to NC State to participate in their 2008 Lecture Series on Energy and the Environment.

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Wayne County leads the way with grease recycling

We recently connected with the folks at the Wayne County Landfill to begin collecting the used fryer oil. Wayne County is one of the few counties in Central NC that has used fryer oil recycling and we’re hoping to get … Continue reading

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