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Past Life Reflection

Forget renewable energy for a moment. For the past few weeks I have been inundated with art.

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Growing Energy Crops

It looks like the City of Raleigh is trying their hand at growing some energy crops with waste water.  Piedmont is standing by to help them crush the seed and turn the oil into fuel.

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The Power of Place

I just returned from a trip to London, where I had the exquisite opportunity to read Harm de Blij’s The Power of Place.

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Celebrity Grease Runs

Our grease collection business began to grow about a year ago, when Moya showed up from Kentucky. She took a leap of faith, jumped off the stage which was her life, and we caught her.

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Piedmont meets Denmark

Like the Muppets Take Manhattan…Rachel and Greg just spent the week in Denmark and here’s their report back:

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Rain Water Survey

For the second time this year I have taken a stab at calculating how much rainwater is in our fishpond.

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