Top of the Hill

When we first started collecting oil for Biodiesel we set our sights on Franklin Street. And Chapel Hill has been good to Piedmont. Top of the Hill, one of the premier bars and restaurants in town, has been a great partner. In fact, they are pretty good at greatness, according to beer critic Roger Protz, in his 1999 book, The World of Beer, Top of the Hill is one of 12 Breweries in North America that you must visit to understand the North American brewing experience. They’ve long been supporters of local business, and they make great beer, and give us their oil so we can make some great Biodiesel, what a great combination! We’ll be having our August Grease Appreciation Dinner there August 18th, and invite you to join us in supporting one of our Partners in Sustainability. We are always hungry for more used cooking oil, and we always have a blast on Grease Appreciation Night. Join us if you can at Top of the Hill. Wednesday August 18th starting at 6:30 we’ll be in the back of the bar at the Game area!

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