January 5th, 2011 Coop Board Meeting Minutes

On January 5th, 2011 the Interim Coop Board met at The Eddy-a new bar in Saxapahaw, to push forward with the business of the Coop.

Joe Cole, Brian Gullete, Carol Hewitt, Stephan Caldwell, and Lyle Estill were present.

Four items dominated the agenda:

1. Bylaws re-write and articles of incorporation. Joe Cole had provided a meticulous “crawl through” of the proposed changes and the majority of the meeting was spent wrestling suggestions into shape. We will get the actual revisions published on the web as soon as they are ready. Also discussed was the Memo of Understanding that has been laid out between the Coop and Piedmont Biofuels Industrial. Changes were suggested to promote a more mutually beneficial, supportive and productive co-existence. This Memo will also get to the web when it is finished.

2. We spent some time on “Price Intersection,” since petroleum diesel is at 3.39-eleven cents away from our long standing 3.50 price per gallon. Lyle was asked to survey the membership for feedback on what action to take. Expect an email shortly.

3. We discussed the “Wilmington situation.” Our friends at Cape Fear Biofuels have asked us to install a fueling station so they can re-activate their B100 community. The board was very interested in seeing that happen, and had some definite ideas about how to raise the money to make it feasible.

4. Finally, we discussed having an annual meeting in conjunction with the Sustainable Biodiesel Summit that will be held in Pittsboro on Saturday March 5th. By holding our annual meeting as part of the Summit, we felt a lot of our members would be present. The purpose of the meeting would be to elect an official board of directors that could guide the Coop into its next generation.

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  1. Rachel Hoff says:

    Is this an interim board? Will members be able to vote for board members at the annual meeting?

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