2011 Annual Membership Meeting

We are going to be holding our 2011 Annual Meeting at Central Carolina Community College on March 5th at 3:30.

Join us if you can.

The Sustainable Biodiesel Summit is that day.  Our members get in free. The organizers do ask that people register anyway–even if they are free–so that they know how much to buy for lunch.

Here is the Agenda thus far:

2009-2010 Years in Review:  In May 2009, Coop and Industrial “Became One.” In many ways this was like a “receivership” process.  At that time the Coop had run afoul of its creditors, its landlord, its neighbors, the local fire marshal, and the EPA.  The Board of Directors elected to “land it in the Hudson” by transferring all assets and liabilities to Piedmont Biofuels Industrial.

Instead of letting the Coop Corporation expire, it was kept alive.  It had no staff, no assets, and no Board, but it largely continued to serve its mission of leading the grassroots sustainability movement in North Carolina.  Education and outreach continued, the internship program was kept alive, and high quality fuel continued to flow to its members.  The receiver also largely adhered to the Cooperative Principles during this period.

After about a year and a half of cleanup, remediation, negotiation, asset disposal, creditor pay off, and stakeholder engagement, the Coop had satisfied all of its obligations.  In November of 2010 a new Interim Board of Directors was formed. The membership was polled, and all those who desired to serve were appointed. You can read more about that here.

This Board held two meetings to discuss new bylaws to reflect the Coop’s new reality, fuel pricing, expansion of the B100 Community Trail, a Memo of Understanding with Piedmont Biofuels Industrial for services rendered, and other topics that were germane to members.  The minutes of the first meeting were published here.  The minutes of the second were published here.

Pricing Policy:  In February 2011 we implemented a .25/gallon price increase on the B100 Community Trail.  Based largely on the work of long time member John Hollingsworth, it was agreed that Trail pricing would increase in .25/gallon increments in order to stay safely above the price of petroleum diesel.  We now monitor an Energy Information Administration index for on road diesel pricing and will adjust our pricing accordingly. For a look at some philosophy on pricing, including comments by a number of Coop members click here.

Board Elections: Our bylaws call for no less than three and no more than seven board members, one of which is appointed by Piedmont Biofuels Industrial. We currently have 1 appointee and five active board members.  These Interim Board members are welcome to stand for election, as is any other member in good standing.

It’s not dull as dirt.  Honest.  Come and join us if you can….

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