Coop Board Meeting December 2013

December 30, 2013 – Carolina Brewery, Pittsboro


Lyle, Carol, Brad, Brian, Gary, John

Update and Requests from Piedmont (Lyle Estill):

1) Durham (Carolina biofuels) wants to talk to board directly to, presumably, convince us that it is in our best interest to serve the Durham market via Carolina’s existing footprint. Board members agreed that it is best to send a unified message via email that our primary interest is in expanding the trail to and, thus, build a more viable market for B100 from WVO in our community. Accordingly, pump location and accessibility is of primary concern.

2) Piedmont is starting 2014 with austerity – losing our dollar and Koch brothers driving the RINS market to the ground thanks to tea party hand wringing in the legislatures and Congress. In 6 months, however, RINs can bounce back – Piedmont is dumping at 30 cents. As a result of rising austerity, Piedmont will have to get smaller for the time being. Layoffs and other cuts are pending.

3) With the grants in place, however, the plan is to continue with the process of building

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out three new pump locations. The board’s input was that at least one (if not two) should be in Durham, where we have support from Duke University. The board offered to make further connections in the business community (Brian is friends with the Thundershirt founders, whose facility is the old Mitsubishi dealership off of Durham Freeway in downtown) and with the city.

4) Piedmont is hosting CBC in August (14th through 17th). Lyle suggested getting Tucker the farmer (who uses our waste wash to treat his local grain feed) to

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donate a couple of pigs for an authentic NC pig picking. Board members agreed to sponsor attendees for “airbnb-like” accommodations.

5) Trail update: Wilmington tank limped along; Brad boosted up – some triangle users in the summer – recycling company boosted things for 2013 – though they are now gone, the tank is flowing pretty well. Perhaps we need some analysis (survey?)

Board Discussions:

1) John Hollingsworth displayed his first cut at the new member/trail database application built out in Zoho. It was very impressive, and we all agreed that he should continue his leadership on the project with board and staff support as much as possible.

2) We discussed pulling the trigger on the member survey – Brian will contact Katy to re-energize that effort.

3) We discussed a couple of ways to improve member communication from the board. The new database will make email communications a bit easier; however, in the meantime, one idea was to have a “board corner” or “note from the board” on each newsletter. We can divide responsibilities among the board (and even offer a “member’s perspective” with guest posts) in the long term. To kick things off, Brian offered to take the first one with a “Coop Corner” post about our first meeting, and, perhaps, a summary of the recent “Hot Grease” article in the New Yorker (

4) Board re-elected Brian and Carol to serve as President and Secretary, respectively.

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