Functioning Again

I went to the Plant for the first time yesterday.

All the plates were spinning without me. Chef Bill was prepping for some catering event. Bob was delivering B99.9 to our members. Hannah was rocking Abundance. Chris and Kevin were digging into Fair Game Beverage plans.

I went to a planning meeting for our ribbon cutting party for the Pittsboro Farm and Forest Trail. Two Saturdays from now the Plant will be filled with over a dozen non-profits that are focused on fitness, or health, or kids, or nature. That’s May 21st, starting at 2:00.

The Play Mobile will be there from Raleigh. And we have booked a middle school band called The Real Official. Amy over at Lupine Productions also booked the Grand Shell Game that will play at night. Gary Phillips and Paul Richmond are organizing a Spoken Word event for the stage, and I notice some of the Pittsboro Poets have signed up.

IMG_0973A bunch of us have spent the past year building this trail. It’s not quite a mile long, and it circles the campus of the Plant. It traverses the fields and high tunnels of Piedmont Biofarm and Screech Owl Greenhouses. It drops into a wonderful riparian zone with a spring fed creek. It has some interesting specimen trees, a constructed wetland, and some pollinator habitat that has been developed with intention (and help from Burt’s Bees).

I left the meeting with a mere fifteen items to do to get ready for the ribbon cutting. Little things, like the tree that came down here, or the landscape fabric that needs to be re-laid there.

When we finished our meeting, Genny said to Lexie, “Wow. Lyle is functioning again.”

That felt good.

I returned home to my usual piano lesson with Shelley. At our first lesson after Zafer’s death, I had lost the ability to play anything on the piano. Yesterday she gave me a sticker for my progress. Even piano is starting to return.

I like functioning again. And I’m jazzed about our ribbon cutting. Join us if you can.

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3 Responses to Functioning Again

  1. Camille says:

    We are so glad you are back! You may think the place can run without you but it can’t. We need you at the helm, dreaming up other angles.

    I wouldn’t miss the trail opening for anything. This project, like all your crazy brainstorms is designed to highlight the important things in life and make the world a better place. Which is why Bob and I are here.

    And congratulations on the sticker!

  2. Marga Theelen says:

    Go Lyle! I am sorry I will miss it! I hope it is a huge success!

  3. Rob Del Bueno says:

    Miles away, but thinking about you lots.

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