Weird Dream

Tonight is Arlo’s last night in Pittsboro. He’s off to Canada. Then parts unknown. We are staring down “empty nest” in earnest.

To celebrate the occasion we whisked him off to Oakleaf for a farewell dinner. That’s our town’s fancy farm to fork restaurant. Arlo is the foodie in the family. When our dinner together ended, Tami and I randomly decided to “pop in” on Mark and Carol at the Hewitt Pottery. We are not sure “pop ins” are allowed, but what with us being in an “other worldly” space and all, we figured we would take our chances.

Carol was doing the dishes when we arrived. She received us graciously. After we settled in around her kitchen table, with Mark, she told us this story:

“I’m not surprised to see you,” she said. “Today Jeff from the orchid farm came by for a surprise visit. He said that he had a vivid dream last night that shook him up, and he came here to tell me about it.”

orchidI don’t really know Jeff at the orchid farm. I know his Mom, Rita. Kind of. Not really. They have a massive orchid business right around the corner from us. A lot of it involves “babysitting” orchids. I love orchids. We have a “Florida room,” so I normally babysit my orchids myself. We are not really a customer of theirs.

A long time ago I visited Jeff and discussed a wood fired boiler as a heat source for his operation. At the time I was on the edge of biomass based heating. He was just picking my brain. He may not even remember that. We barely know one another.

When Zafer died we vanished into a five day rager. Carol apparently stopped by, and rescued one of our orchids from the window sill and took it to Jeff for care. She explained the situation to him. Someday I suppose we will get a call to pick up a beautiful blooming orchid that we have forgotten about.

As Carol told us the story tonight she said, “Jeff said his dream rattled him. He had goose bumps telling me about it. Zafer came to him, and told him to take his boys and to go visit his Dad to tell him that everything was all right. In his dream, Jeff said he found me covered in tears and snot.”

Funny that he should say that. The last two times I have been to yoga I have cried during Shavasana. When I do that two things happen. Tears run into my ears to impair my already bad hearing. And I get so filled with snot that I cannot do the nostril breathing exercises at the end of class.

milkshakesJeff has a six-year-old son. And a four-year-old son. I’ve never been to their house, but apparently it is chaotic. He wanted to come to me to deliver the message of the dream, but he does not know where I live, so he went to Carol and Mark’s place instead. Carol agreed to pass the story along.

Good thing we randomly stopped by the Hewitt Pottery tonight.

Mark’s assessment was that Z was headed our way and simply missed on the co-ordinates. He landed around the corner and found a distant neighbor with two boys to deliver his message. Maybe the dead lack GPS.

It’s a strange story. But I’ll take it. I’ll take anything I can get these days. Normally our family budget does not allocate money toward paying for “Psychic Hotline,” but these days I let it slide. We all grasp at straws. We cling to dreams, and bird signs, and anything we can get—even if they are entirely fictional.

Thank you Jeff. Looking forward to meeting your boys someday. Thank you Carol. Thank you Z for telling us everything is all right….

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6 Responses to Weird Dream

  1. Lynn Hayes says:

    I have three friends whose children died young. All three of those friends have had mystical experiences after the death of their children that brought them into a new spiritual connection that at first they found very unsettling. I believe that sometimes when these horrific events happen they can serve a magical purpose of connecting us with the unseen world in ways that we couldn’t have imagined. Thank you so much to you and Tami for continuing to share your stories and your deepest feelings with us so that we can continue to learn from your journey.

  2. Diane DeBardeleben says:

    My wonderful mom, now five years gone, has been with me in Italy these last few months after I suffered a bad fall. We talked. She advised that I stay alive longer, I needed to accomplish one more thing. And I know what it is. And I know what I’ll do. I have told only three people about mom and me before this writing. The heavens are highly populated, and, just maybe, we are the ones who are dead, having looked upside down for a long time.

  3. cathy holt says:

    At this point in my life so many of the people that I’ve had my deepest connections with have died. I miss them a lot. The only thing that I like about this fact is now I can talk with them anytime. I don’t need to use the phone or travel so I talk to them often. Fictional? Maybe so. But feels right……feels good.

  4. Tim Bennett says:

    Thanks for sharing this, Lyle. I must say, it makes perfect sense to me. Zafer is a smart one, and surely knows how best to reach you. If you had had the dream, would it not have been easier to dismiss? “Just a dream,” you might have said. Of course you would be dreaming of Zafer. No surprise there. Just another dream. But the way this dream came to you, coordinated and stitched together by impulses and feelings and synchronicities and distant acquaintances, did that not all add extra layers of woo, an added dose of weirdness and wonder, and in doing so make it more noticeable and memorable and even, dare we say it, real?

    Such matters of synchronicity and distant connections are actually a common factor in so-called paranormal™, or spiritual™, experiences, where a circuit is formed from available materials, including long-lost friends, distant relatives, scarcely known neighbors, or outright strangers, reaching across a number of degrees of separation and lining up in synchronistic and unbelievable ways. Perhaps it works that way for a reason. Not a lack of GPS, but a cleverly conceived connection meant to stand out against the background of normal™, and break through the habituated thinking of the human ego and the limits and strictures of culture and paradigm.

    In any event, how very heartening. Good work, Zafer. And good work to you, Lyle, for following your promptings and remaining so open. And for letting us in on the strangeness and wonder. You take care… Pax-T

  5. Andy says:

    Shortly after my father died a few years ago you gave me a call. At the time I wasn’t sure if word of my father’s death had spread through our community and fully expected your call to be about some routine topic. I let it go to voicemail.

    When I listened to your message later that day I was overcome. After offering your condolences you told me that you’d had a dream about my dad the night before. You said that although the two of you had met only once at my wedding, it was unmistakably him. He offered you no grand wisdom or final message to deliver, but that didn’t matter to me. The fact that you saw him was enough to give me some sliver of peace at a time when I needed it. You ended by saying “I’m not sure if this helps anything, but I thought you’d like to know”. It helped.

    I must have listened to that voicemail 25 times in the days that followed. Each time l’d play it waiting for the part when you said you saw him, fall apart for a moment, pull myself back together, and listen again.

    I’ve dreamt about my dad a number of times since his death, but the dream I’ll always cherish the most is the one you had.

    I’m not sure if this helps anything, but I thought you’d like to know.

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