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Welcome to Piedmont Biofuels. We are a small renewable energy company that produces biodiesel in Central North Carolina.

Our mission is to lead the sustainability effort in North Carolina through the development and production of clean, renewable fuels.

New Crew2One of the things we do is make fuel.  We collect used cooking oil from food service establishments throughout the region, bring it to our plant in Pittsboro, and turn it into a clean burning fuel for our Coop members.  This has a nice “round trip” feel to it.  Our members use our fuel for motive power to get them to the restaurants that provide us with the stuff we use to make fuel.

We also buy waste fats oils and greases and turn them into biodiesel.  A lot of the fuel we produce is sold to oil companies, who then blend it with petroleum diesel and distribute it through gas stations and other channels.

We also design and build stuff.  We’ve delivered dozens of small scale biodiesel plants–from simple batch plants to continuous flow facilities which use our cavitational reactors.

And we sell seed presses.  We’ve done a bunch of small scale crushing, whether for food or fuel purposes.

We also do research.  Some for ourselves, some on contract for others. We have developed technologies, like our enzymatic FAeSTER process which allows the industry to convert high free fatty acid feedstocks into quality fuel.

For many years we have offered consulting on everything we do.  From permitting, to fuel quality, to methanol recovery, we’ve done it in the real world of biodiesel production and we find we can save our consulting customers lots of money by helping them avoid some of the pitfalls we have encountered.

We operate two laboratories on our Pittsboro campus, one that performs analytical services for both ourselves and the industry at large, and another dedicated to research and development.

And we do education.  You’ll find someone from Piedmont speaking, teaching, leading a workshop, or demonstrating sustainable technologies on a regular basis.

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Finally, we are a B Corporation, which we think is in keeping with our mission based approach to doing business.

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