Piedmont Biofuels Cooperative is one of the ways we distribute biodiesel into the world. It is a North Carolina “C” Corporation that is owned and operated by its members.

It works hard at conforming to the Cooperative Principles.

It costs 50.00 a year to join.  If you would like to join, click here. Review the Membership Agreement.

Each member gets to vote for the Board of Directors which governs the corporation’s actions. And each member is entitled to buy fuel from any of the locations of the B100 Community Trail that is operated by us. It’s a consumer Coop that contracts with us to make sure the tanks are full of high percentage biodiesel.

In the winter months the fuel gets cut with some petroleum–sometimes to a B70 or B80 level, but generally the Trail is stocked with B100, which is actually B99.9 according to the IRS.

The membership is a narrow and intense audience. Some of them are soccer Moms who have children with asthma. Some of them are simply clean air freaks. Some of our members are geo-political types who want to get off the petroleum grid. They do that so that they don’t have to tithe to Haliburton, or to free themselves from war in the Middle East. Some join because they want nothing to do with what happened in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s a strange mix. Some come because the fuel is made in America. We have some right winged survivalist nutjobs who want to run on biodiesel to escape “the man.”

Which means we have some members who want to pay in Constitution silver and we have hippy chicks who want to pay in massage.

We prefer to trade fuel for U.S. dollars–just to keep it simple.

Right now the Board is in the process of re-writing our Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. We’ll publish those as soon as they are finished. And right now we are forging a “Memo of Understanding” between Piedmont Biofuels Cooperative (which speaks for the members) and Piedmont Biofuels Industrial (which makes the fuel, distributes the fuel, and does a bunch of the work.

You can take a look at our new bylaws and the Memo of Understanding on our 2011 Annual Meeting page.

The next annual meeting of our Cooperative will be held at 3:30 at the Sustainable Biodiesel Summit at Central Carolina Community College in Pittsboro at 3:30 on March 5th. By the way, members get into the Summit for free!

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