Back in the day we worked hard on publishing the minutes of every meeting on our website.  Our boards came and went.  Some of them were religious about it, some of them were kinda slack, and when we converted to our shiny new website a lot of our minutes ended up in the trash.

We wish we had a written copy of every Board Meeting from the beginning of time.  But we don’t.  We barely have Annual Reports.

Here are some of the minutes we do have.  We publish them here in the hopes that some are better than nothing.  And that a little record keeping is better than a cup of warm spit.

2011 Annual Membership Meeting Minutes

About 30 folks gathered at Central Carolina Community College on March 5th.  We reviewed the pre-published agenda, talked amongst ourselves, and staged an election.

One member complained about poor communication, another said the Coop’s communications had never been better.  One former board member complained about “run on” meetings, one interim board member said meetings had been running smoothly and efficiently.

We wrote the names of everyone running for the Board of Directors on the white board, and had each of them say a few words about why they wanted to serve and what their relationship to the Coop was.

Standing for election were Brian Gullette, Carol Hewitt, Joe Cole, and Beth Turner.  Appointed by Piedmont Biofuels Industrial was Lyle Estill.  Wanting to serve, but unable to show were Stephan Caldwell, and Will Bettman.

The Bylaws allow for up to seven board members, so everyone who wanted to serve was elected.

We have now restored a democratic control to the Coop, putting us in complete compliance with the Coop Principles.

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