Greg Austic resume

Gregory Bruce Austic


Piedmont Biofuels LLC – Pittsboro, North Carolina

Research Coordinator June 2008 – current, Full time

  • Co-founded the Research and Analytics department at Piedmont Biofuels.  Have been instrumental in developing Piedmont Biofuels’ internal governance structure, which is non-hierarchical.  Was responsible for financial analysis and budgeting for our department.
  • Developed a patent-pending process for enzymatic esterification of biodiesel.
  • Currently acting PI on an SBIR Phase II grant from the DOE to commercialize the use of enzymes for biodiesel production (Phase II started in Sept. 2010).
  • Co-PI on a grant to develop a near-supercritical amphoteric catalyst for biodiesel production, and PI on a project to create a pilot plant using enzymatic catalysts for biodiesel production.
  • Co-developed cavitational technology which is included in most new design/build plants built at Piedmont.
  • Successfully co-wrote the following successful applications relating to biodiesel catalyst development: $196k Phase I, $1m Phase II DOE SBIR and 180k NC Biofuels Center.  Have also written many more proposals which were not accepted.

Production Assistant May 2007 – September 2007, Full time

  • Produced biodiesel weekly on a 2000 gallon reactor, collected and tested oil feedstocks and finished biodiesel.

Piedmont Biofuels Cooperative – Biodiesel production, Moncure, North Carolina

Oil Collections Manager September 2007 – June 2008 – full time

  • Started and built the oil collections business.  Designed marketing material, did door to door sales, applied for received a loan for 50,000 dollars to purchase equipment.
  • Built the business from 800 gallons collected per month up to 4200 gallons collected, upgraded equipment and laid the foundation for the existing business which currently collects 8000 gallons per month.

Intern January 2007 – full-time

  • Produced biodiesel weekly on a 165 gallon reactor, collected and tested oil feedstocks and finished biodiesel.
  • Engaged in outreach and teaching activities with farmers, home producers, and other parties interested in producing biodiesel.
  • Designing and building methanol recovery system for the cooperative’s reactor, as well as an artificial wetlands for waste water treatment.

Peace Corps Moldova – Agriculture and Agribusiness Program, Balauresti, Moldova

Volunteer September 2004 – October 2006, full-time

  • Worked independently as a local agricultural consultant in Balauresti, Nisporeni (population 2500).
  • Promoted the use of drip irrigation for row vegetables, resulting in six farmers implementing the system on 14 acres of land, with a likely increase in use in the 2007 season.
  • Collaborated with the local irrigation users’ association by revamping their payment system and administration, resulting in drastic increases in coverage and a good foundation for future expansion.
  • Promoted and organized the development of a marketing cooperative for vegetables, resulting in its creation in the summer of 2006.
  • Was chosen to a grant selection committee for Peace Corps SPA grants and served for a year and a half.

Coconino Rural Environment Corps (CREC) – an Americorps Program, Flagstaff, AZ

Corps Member February 2004 – July 2004, full-time

  • Engaged in many projects including: thinning to reduce wild fire danger, improving antelope habitat, building trail and doing rock work, and ameliorating the effects of bark beetle infestation.
  • Was selected as 2 of 30 corps members to participate in Leader Corps.

Cornell University Dept. of Sociology, Ithaca, NY

Research Assistant Fall 2000 – Fall 2002, 30 – 40 hrs per week summers, 6 – 8 during school

  • Used STATA to perform statistical analysis on educational data sets, which resulted in two working papers, to be published in Sociology of Education and Sociological Methodology.
  • Worked with SAS and SPSS to compare labor market data from two different education/labor market datasets.
  • Created and maintained a professor’s web page to make his publications available to students and the academic community.


Cornell University, College of Arts and Sciences, Ithaca, NY

Bachelor of Arts, double major in Economics and Sociology, May 2003

Overall GPA: 3.6; Economics GPA: 3.54; Sociology GPA: 3.82; Dean’s List


  • Austic, G (2009).  Biodiesel Testing and Quality; Advanced Biodiesel Processing.  Solar Energy International Biodiesel Workshop, Pittsboro NC.
  • Austic, G (2009).  High tech future of biodiesel production.  Collective Biodiesel Conference, Washington DC.
  • Austic, G and M Rudolf (2008).  One day training and small scale biodiesel plant build.  CEFS – Center for Environmental Farming Systems of North Carolina, Goldsboro, NC.
  • Austic, G (2008).  A discussion of recent technological advances implemented at Piedmont Biofuels: Small scale cavitation, continuous glycerol separation, Purolite/Amberlite column design, and quality control.  Collective Biodiesel Conference, Golden, CO.
  • Austic, G and M Rudolf (2008).  One day training and cleantech workshop.  Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, Columbia, SC.


  • Austic, G and Fox, F (2009) Small scale degumming techniques for oil entering the biodiesel market.  White paper.
  • Austic, G (2008).  Using high voltage current for continuous glycerin separation from biodiesel.  Poster, Sustainable Biodiesel Summit, Orlando FL.  (published on-line)
  • Austic, G and Lobdell, S (2009).  Treatment, disposal, and reuse of biodiesel derived waste products.  White paper.
  • Austic, G, X Fan, R Burton, and F Fox (2009).  Small scale degumming techniques for oil entering the biodiesel market.  White paper.
  • Fan X, R Burton, G Austic (2009).  Preparation and characterization of biodiesel produced from recycled canola oil. The Open Fuels and Energy Sciences Journal, 2009, 2, 110-115.

*white papers are published online at .


  • Language, cultural, and agricultural training totaling over 250 hours.
  • Member of Leader Corps, through which I received approximately 20 hours of leadership training.
  • Self-trained in Excel, installing/building computers.  Have extensive experience in STATA, also in SPSS, SAS and SAS JMP.  Have over 250 hours on the chainsaw.


  • Romanian – fluent.  Received highest score (besides native speaker) on the Romanian language exam in Peace Corps Moldova.
  • Russian – intermediate.  2 years of intense college Russian (6 credit hours a semester) as well as Russian practice in Moldova.

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