Joseph Ezzell Resume

Joseph Allen Ezzell, Jr.

281 Huffman Road, Rose Hill, NC 28458


Joseph Ezzell is a native North Carolinian originally from Duplin County. After graduating from Wallace Rose-Hill High School, he enlisted in the U.S. Army as a Combat Engineer, a move he credits with much of the success he has enjoyed in the years since. The learning and personal growth experience he was afforded by the United States Army contributed significantly to his becoming the goal-oriented, self-motivated person he is today. The United States Army turned a lackadaisically natured young adult, into a hard-charging, success-seeking young man who was ready to move forward. In the Army, we worked as a team, ate as a team, lived as a team and when we got the opportunity, we partied and relaxed as a team. The Army taught him the value of teamwork and how important it was to accomplishing any mission. He also gained the valuable realization that prejudice had no place on any team-color or ethnicity had no bearing on a person’s proficiency. The only measuring stick he felt right in using any more was, his my mother was fond of saying, “whether someone could cut the mustard” or not. Joseph advanced from a private E-1 to a sergeant E-5 during his 4-year enlistment and received multiple commendations and awards. After serving his enlistment, Joseph returned to Duplin County. His skill set soon brought him the opportunity to become the Plant Operations Manager for a healthcare facility located in Burgaw, NC. Some key accomplishments Joseph spearheaded at the facility were improved facility infrastructure, upgraded facility appearance and function, laundry facility refurbishment, deficiency-free Life/Safety survey from North Carolina Division of Facilities Services, and increased environmental services department efficiency with reduced employee dissatisfaction and callouts.

Joseph’s success at the Burgaw facility brought the opportunity to transfer to a larger company facility located in Kenansville, NC. Joseph immediately began significant upgrades at the Kenansville facility as well as becoming more involved in the facility management. Some key accomplishments Joseph made in Kenansville included upgrading and enlarging the Rehabilitation Section which greatly increased allowable patient caseload and significantly increased rehab department revenue. Joseph also designed infrastructure changes and implemented monitoring systems that decreased utility costs by over 10% per year, reduced North Carolina Division of Facilities Services annual Life/Safety survey citable facility deficiencies to zero for the most years of any facility in that district and served as project leader for data and T.V. cabling initiative that provided internet access and cable T.V. to all facility residents.

In 2007, Joseph was offered the opportunity to transfer to a still larger facility in Chapel Hill, NC. Joseph met this new challenge head on by immediately tackling the upgrades of some outdated facility systems. During the year Joseph served at the Chapel Hill facility, he oversaw the replacement of the fire alarm system, upgrades to the fire sprinkler system, replacement of seven decrepit HVAC systems, significant upgrades to facility electrical systems, exterior building façade replacement, and a major grounds landscaping project.

But the opportunity to transfer to a larger facility in a more prestigious area wasn’t the only thing that brought Joseph to Chapel Hill. For several years, Joseph had been growing ever-more interested in “Green” lifestyles and technology and sustainability in general. The belief that our way of life has to change led Joseph to make key changes in his own life. He now lives near Seagrove, NC in a “green” home that he and his partner, Laurie constructed using materials that for the most part came from the land, were reclaimed from other structures, or were purchased at habitat stores. The paints, finishes, and adhesives were all earth-friendly choices and all materials were non VOC, formaldehyde, etc. On the 24 acre homestead they call home, Joseph and his partner have a large organic garden which is in year-round production, tend an orchard, are planting nut trees, and planting a vineyard.

Joseph’s belief that we need a more sustainable model led him to Lyle Estill and Piedmont Biofuels. Joseph became a member of Piedmont Biofuels’ fabrication and Design/Build teams. Joseph has found the dynamic atmosphere, the incredible pool of creative talent, and the opportunity to be involved in an important sustainability project to be immensely rewarding. He looks forward to the challenges Piedmont Biofuels offers.


Mount Olive College, Mount Olive, NC

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration-Management and Organizational Development

BOMI Institute, Baltimore Md

Building Design and Construction 1&2

U.S. Army Combat Engineer School, Ft. Leonard Wood, MO

U.S. Army Primary Leadership Development Academy, Kitzingen, Germany

U.S. Army Airborne School, Ft. Benning, GA


Summa Cum Laude Graduate, Mt. Olive College

Distinguished Chapter Officer Hallmark Award, Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society-2004

Highest Honors Graduate-degree programs, James Sprunt Community College-2005

Highest Honors Graduate-degree programs, James Sprunt Community College-2006

Joan Keller Scholarship-2005.

United States Army Achievement Medal-1985

United States Army Achievement Medal, First Oakleaf Cluster-1986

State of Connecticut Lifesaving Award-1990

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