Katy Horton

Katy Horton is a native of North Carolina. She graduated from Appalachian State University in 2007 where she received a Bachelors of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies: Sustainable Development from The Goodnight Family Sustainable Development Department, the oldest SD program in the country. She also received a Bachelors of Arts in Spanish, one of her other great passions.

Katy’s first hands-on experience with biodiesel was in the summer of 2010 when she and a close friend set out to drive to the four corners of the country on biodiesel. Stories of their time on the open road and over 300 hours of work through WWOOF can be found here.

In October of 2011, Katy began working for Piedmont in Oil Collections. In January of 2012 she sat at a desk in the control room where she has since been known as ‘the voice of Piedmont’. As Communications and Outreach Coordinator, she works to keep an open line of communication between the plant and the B100 Community through events, newsletters, social media, and good old-fashioned conversation. Katy’s motto is “helping people help themselves”, so if you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to call, email, post, like, follow, respond, share…

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