Leif Forer

As a Founder, Leif brings over a decade of project development, government relations, and advocacy experience in the biofuels sector to Piedmont Biofuels. He is responsible for day-to-day operations which involves lots of problem solving, sometimes at odd hours of the day or night. He is a brilliant tactician, intimate will all aspects of the company.

Leif is also President of the North Carolina Biodiesel Association, an organization he convened with other industry leaders and stakeholders for the purpose of establishing positive and sound legislation to foster growth of a sustainable North Carolina biodiesel industry. As spokesman, Leif spearheads state policy efforts at the General Assembly.

Since its inception, Leif has been an active member of the Piedmont Biofuels board and is an enthusiast of a cooperative approach to living and doing business.

You can email Leif for an updated resume.

If you are a traveling salesman with a better mousetrap, Leif is your man. He didn’t care for salespeople all that much until he realized they were entrepreneurs just like him. He has a penchant for finding a better price, or a less expensive way of getting there from here. He is also extremely busy, which means your odds of getting his attention are slim.

Despite our commitment to transparency on project, it continues to be a mystery as to who cuts Leif’s hair.

His email is leif at biofuels dot coop and a picture of one of his famous past haircuts can be found here.

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