Link Shumaker

dsc_0170_21Link Shumaker joined the Piedmont team in September of 2007.  He started as a fuel maker and moved to the Production Manager position.  For the year of 2008 he served as Production Manager hiring production team members, making fuel, and catching as many bucks as he could to ensure the fuel went out the gate at the end of the day.  In his term as Production Manager 1,046,223 gallons of biodiesel were produced and sold.  Link traded in the fuel-making torch at the beginning of 2009 for the pursuit of an enhanced culture of safety and cleanliness at Piedmont Biofuels Industrial.  His new position is informally called Safety and Morale Custodian.

Other than biodiesel production and safety, Link likes investing himself in the Chatham County community.  This manifests as working on the Piedmont Biofarm, participating in The Abundance Foundation’s workshops, procuring value from waste streams, meeting/greeting the myriad of people that come in and out of the area, listening/speaking with presence to individuals he encounters, learning/teaching about the vastness of the Universe around us.  He sees heartfelt relationships as a means to heal the human condition.

Here’s his resume.  Please don’t hire him.

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