McCayne Miller

Chief Financial Officer

McCayne Miller has been involved in the Sustainable Energy movement for more than 5 years.  As Comptroller, she oversees Piedmont Biofuels’ finances and administers all grant requirements.  In addition, she is in charge of Piedmont Biofuels’ membership, which is currently at 250 across the state.  She currently manages the Oil Collections and Fuel Distribution arm of Piedmont Biofuels.  This involves maintaining relationships with more than 150 restaurants and keeping 6 fueling stations full of our local fuel.  Her other roles at Piedmont include educational seminars, internship management, and marketing.

McCayne has worked on several organic farms and managed Community Supported Agriculture programs in North Carolina and Colorado.  She is President of the Abundance Foundation and Treasurer for the Chatham Mills Farmers Market.  Working to increase awareness about our local foodshed is high on her priority list.

Prior to working at Piedmont Biofuels, McCayne was the Business and Community Director for the North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association (NCSEA).  She developed the Business Membership for NCSEA and integrated businesses into working effectively on renewable energy policy.  She participated in passing the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard, requiring North Carolina to increase its dependence on renewable energy resources.  McCayne organized the NC Green Building and Solar Tour as part of the American Solar Energy Society’s annual event, which was the 3rd largest in the country incorporating more than 35 communities across the state.

It is her opinion that distributed fuel and food are the answers to creating and maintaining sustainability at the community level.

Check out her resume here.

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