Paul Eudy

Paul comes to us by way of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. Formally trained as a Chemist, he spent time in industry investigating topics ranging from synthetic absorbable surgical sealants and treatments for chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD) to spectroscopic characterization of anionic polymerization reactions, as well as having taught high school mathematics in a down-on-its-luck Carolina mill town.

Disillusioned with the prospect of a life as a cog in the machine that is Big Pharma, Paul left the (arguably) comfy world of the corporate laboratory in search of meaningful employment here at Piedmont. His broad experience includes bench chemistry, organic synthesis and characterization, proficiency with an array of analytical instrumentation, research and development project work, and even trying to maintain the interest of a classroom of ill-tempered teenagers. As a bonus, he can even identify the business end of a hammer, in a pinch, having worked several years as a carpenter somewhere along the line.

If you are interested in the finer points of enzymatic biodiesel production, Paul is your guy, but make sure you’re prepared to sit awhile and listen. He’s been known to talk the ears off anyone that will give him the chance, and if you can get past the drawl you’ll get your fill of info from a scientist that’s truly passionate about the future of biodiesel production that is even cleaner and greener than today’s product.

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