Tami Schwerin

Tami works for the Abundance Foundation, which helps us out a lot. It runs some of our tours, and works with us on events, and lunches, and books, and all sorts of things.

Tami and the Abundance crew have been hosting roundtable discussions about our local foodshed, staging workshops on everything from mushrooms to worms, and delving into local finance issues.

When they are not holding a fund raiser for the new library, or facilitating an energy audit for the Town of Pittsboro, they are making signage for the Farmer’s Market.

Tami attended Appalachian State, but graduated from UNC Chapel Hill with a highly appropriate degree in Industrial Relations.

She is the founding President of Chatham Marketplace, our sister coop which we love to patronize and party with.

You can see Tami’s full resume here. And you can contact her by emailing Tami@blast.com

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