Xiaohu Fan Resume


  • Familiar with biodiesel production process and biodiesel product quality analyses in ASTM D6751;
  • Familiar with HPLC (PDA and ELSD detector), GC-FID, ICP-AES, FT-IR, TGA, and PDSC analyses: Method development and troubleshooting;
  • Familiar with Experimental Design using Response Surface Methodology and statistical data analyses;
  • Proficient in SAS, SPSS, Minitab, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access.


Piedmont Biofuels Industrial LLC- Pittsboro, North Carolina

Chemist January 2009-current

  • Quality control for Piedmont Biofuels biodiesel product based on ASTM D6751;
  • Perform lab testing for both production and research;
  • Participate grant-funded projects, such as Department of Energy SBIR enzymatic project;

Optimization of Biodiesel Production from Crude Cottonseed Oil

  • Examined the effects of different variables on biodiesel yield by using ultrasonic irradiation method.
  • Used response surface methodology (RSM) basing on central composite rotatable design to set up and

optimize the transesterification reaction conditions for both conventional and ultrasonic irradiation

production method.

  • Developed protocols for HPLC quantitative analyses of antioxidants (such as gossypol, carotene) in the

crude cottonseed oil.

  • Correlated antioxidants contents with biodiesel Oxidative Stability Index (OSI) results.
  • Evaluated biodiesel engine test results by using SAS program.

Project Manager, Lubricant Company R&D Center, Sinopec, Shanghai, China

  • Responsible for the project named “Determination of the content of wear metals in used lubricating oil” in Lubricant Company (Sinopec, China)
  • Established the enterprise standard named “Determination of chlorine in lubricating oil by ICP-AES with organic-sample”.
  • Developed protocols for physicochemical properties analyses of lubricating oil by using ICP-AES, FT-


  • Developed metal-working fluid lubricant products, such as anti-corrosive lubricating oil, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel rolling oil etc.

QC Group Member

  • Engaged in the laboratory authentication and administration of the ASTM and enterprise standards.

Preparation and Properties Study of Hydrodesulfurization Catalysts

  • Prepared hydrodesulfurization catalysts through sol-gel technology combined with CO2 supercritical

extraction method.

  • Characterized the catlysts’ physicochemical properties by using BET、XRD、IR and EXAFS analysis


  • Evaluated the catalysts’ hydrodesulfurization properties.

Chemical Engineer, Liaohe Oil Field, CNPC, China

  • Participated in the petroleum refining-related work and monitored unit operation.
  • Technical support for the use of oil layer protection reagents.


2008 – Doctor of Philosophy, Food Science and Human Nutrition, Clemson University

Concentration: Ultrasonically assisted production of biodiesel; Biodiesel production optimization;

Study of biodiesel oxidative stability; Biodiesel engine test performance.

Dissertation: Optimization of Biodiesel Production from Crude Cottonseed Oil

2003 – ME, Chemical Engineering and Technology, State Key Laboratory of Heavy Oil Processing,

University of Petroleum, Beijing, China

Concentration: Specialized in Petroleum and Natural Gas Processing, Petroleum hydrodesulfuriza

-tion catalysts preparation and properties study.

1998 – BE, Chemical Engineering, University of Petroleum, ShanDong, China


Design and Analysis of Experiments; Petroleum Processing Engineering; Petroleum Chemistry; Heavy Oil Chemistry & Processing; Catalysis Principles II; Chemical Reaction Engineering II; System in Chemical Engineering; Regression and Least Squares Analysis; Sampling; Statistical Methods, II;


Xiaohu Fan, Rachel Burton, Greg Austic, “Enzymatic Conversion of Brown Grease to

Biodiesel in a Solvent-free Medium”, Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and

Environmental Effects, 2010, accepted;

Xiaohu Fan, Rachel Burton and Greg Austic, “Conversion of degummed soybean oil to

biodiesel-optimization of degumming methods and evaluation of fuel properties”,

International Journal of Green Energy, 7: 593-599, 2010.

Rachel Burton, Xiaohu Fan and Greg Austic,Evaluation of Two-step Reaction and

Enzyme Catalysis Approaches for Biodiesel Production from Spent Coffee Grounds”,

International Journal of Green Energy, 7: 530-536, 2010.

Xiaohu Fan, Rachel Burton and Greg Austic, “Preparation and Characterization of

Biodiesel Produced from Fish Oil”, Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils, 46(5):

287-293, 2010.

Xiaohu Fan, Feng Chen and Xi Wang, “Ultrasound-assisted Synthesis of Biodiesel from

Crude Cottonseed Oil Using Response Surface Methodology”, Journal of Oleo Science,

59(5): 235-241, 2010.

Xiaohu Fan, Xi Wang and Feng Chen, “Ultrasonically Assisted Production of Biodiesel

from Crude Cottonseed Oil”, International Journal of Green Energy, 7: 117-127, 2010.

Xiaohu Fan, Rachel Burton and Yongchang Zhou, “Glycerol (Byproduct of Biodiesel

Production) as a Source for Fuels and Chemicals-Mini Review”, The Open Fuels &

Energy Science Journal, 3: 17-22, 2010.

Xiaohu Fan, Rachel Burton and Greg Austic, “Preparation and Characterization of

Biodiesel Produced from Recycled Canola Oil”, The Open Fuels & Energy Science

Journal, 2: 113-118, 2009.

Xiaohu Fan and Rachel Burton, “Recent Development of Biodiesel Feedstocks and the

Applications of Glycerol: A Review”, The Open Fuels & Energy Science Journal, 2:

100-109, 2009.

Xiaohu Fan, Xi Wang, Feng Chen, Daniel P. Geller and Peter J. Wan, “Engine

Performance Test of Cottonseed Oil Biodiesel”, The Open Fuels & Energy Science

Journal, 1: 40-45, 2008.

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