Xiaohu Fan

012409_pbi_113In 1998, I got my bachelors degree at the University of Petroleum (Shandong province). Then I worked in Liaohe Oil Field for two years. In 2000, I began my graduate study at the University of Petroleum (Beijing), majoring in Chemical engineering and technology. There I earned a masters degree in 2003. After graduate study, I found a job at a Lubricant Company R&D Center (Shanghai, Sinopec, China), focusing on lubricating oil product analyses and metal-working fluid product development. In 2006, I came to America to pursue a PhD in the food science and human nutrition department at Clemson University, SC. Now I am working for Piedmont Biofuels Industrial, performing lab work both for routine biodiesel product analyses and for biodiesel research and development.

You can see Xiaohu’s resume here.

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