Bio-Diversity Project

For years we have been yanking up turf and replacing it with “other stuff.”  We hate pointless mowing.  So we put in planters full of quince, and daylily beds, and whisper tubes, and bananas.  Anything to replace pointless grass.  When NC Ag Extension came by looking for a place to implement a “bio-diversity” project we were all ears.  Together we ripped out turf and replaced it with native, drought resistant, perennials.  Which means we are in bloom in the summer months. And we are loaded down with pollinators and beneficial insects.

The concept is simple.  Over the ages we have selected for bigger blooms and brighter flowers and we have accidentally “selected” the nutrition out of our landscape.  By intentionally putting nutrition back into the landscape, we are bringing pollinators inside the gate, which should have a “spillover” benefit to Piedmont Biofarm, which surrounds us on three sides.

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