Building One

This isn’t really Building One.  It’s a place we stayed in Antigua, Guatemala when one of our former interns got married a few years ago.  But in the dead of January, huddled by the woodstove, digging through photo albums and publishing web pages for a virtual tour of our eco-industrial park, it is easy to drift back to Guatemala sometimes.  In Antigua they do not use heating or air conditioning.  Nor do they have screens on their windows since there are no pesky insects to hide from.

The real Building One is anchored by Eastern Carolina Organics, which is the darling of our foodshed.  Their coop members drop off organically grown food in our shared warehouse, ECO stores it in two giant coolers, and distributes it on refrigerated trucks to fancy restaurants and to eaters throughout the region.

Also in Building One is our kitchen, which enjoys a lot of traffic–from annual meetings to birthday parties to “State of the Bubble” meetings.

And it is home to Matt who works for the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels, to Kristin with Working Films, and Tracy the Green Bean Counter, who is everybody’s favorite bookkeeper.

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