Building Two

We thought we could fit our entire biodiesel project into Building 2.  It’s six thousand square feet and four stories tall.  Inside it came with a mezzanine that was already painted in Piedmont Yellow and Piedmont Green.  Talk about the universe calling our name.  Although we could surely fit a 1 million gallon per year facility into a building the size of Building Two, we didn’t have the water pressure we needed to successfully sprinkle a building that size, so we had to improvise.  It was a dark moment on project when Rachel and Leif were wrestling with the $350,000 water tower surprise.

Instead of building a water tower, we moved into our high hazard work into Building Three, and connected the two buildings with an underground pipeline.  Despite being a little too much ‘Willy Wonka” for our taste, it worked out beautifully.  We built a porch outside of the Control Room, because we like sitting on the porch most of the year.

Building Two is the home of our washing/drying and storage of biodiesel.  It is also where we operate our filter press, run two labs, and our fuel terminal.  We can top load tankers, we can bottom load tankers–hell we can even build “flexis” if you want us to ship fuel to you in a bag…

Seth, Bruce, Lyle, Tuesday and Matt S. install the porch railing. Tuesday used empty conduit she cut out of the building to complete the project.

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