Chess Set

Since its original installation it now has a cedar trellis with hops and hardy kiwis planted on it.

We have a garden sized chess set in the yard.  We can’t help it.  Tuesday and Lyle used to make metal chess sets over at Moncure Chessworks, and they had one left over, so they brought it here.  It’s made from stainless steel underwater swimming pool lights which they fished out of the Dumpsters in Sanford.  They brought the lights home, pounded out the epoxy and wires and glass and such, and fashioned chess pieces out of the stainless shells.  That makes them super light weight and easy to play.  During their time together at Moncure Chessworks, Tuesday and Lyle and company shipped 15 big sets all over the place–mostly to museums and parks and the like.

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