Dan from Vieques stopped in from Puerto Rico and volunteered for several months.

Piedmont Biofuels is a mission driven for-profit company that is working hard to transition our culture onto a sustainable path.  We welcome volunteers, and we have enjoyed more than our fair share.

Over the years volunteers have built walking trails and a staircase, worked on a pole barn for Piedmont Biofarm, helped us with our biodiversity planting project, stepped in for events like ribbon cuttings and openings. We’ve benefited from volunteer electricians and welders and carpenters and tradespeople of all stripes.

Volunteers have helped us spit shine the plant before big inspections, and volunteers have helped us push content to the web. Volunteers have landed us restaurant accounts where we pick up used cooking oil to make into fuel. There is no end to the volunteer possibilities, really.

And we are deeply grateful to all those who have contributed their time and talents to get us this far down the road.

If you are interested in volunteering around Piedmont, email lyle@biofuels.coop.  He’ll help find a place to plug you in.

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