Batch Systems

Piedmont Design-Build’s flexible and robust batch reactor systems are designed for a wide variety of feedstocks.  We are committed to production systems that provide quality, compatibility, and full ASTM D-6751 compliance.

Piedmont’s proven batch reaction systems are the result of 8 years of experience designing and building batch production systems for in-house use as well as for our clients.  These skids are designed to fill the needs of small producers looking for a scalable, bolt-on ready solution to biodiesel production.  Our clients include farmer’s coops, high schools, colleges and universities as well as private and commercial fuel producers.

Utilizing standard base catalyst reaction, our batch reactor skids are efficient, safe, durable and easy to use.  Our Batch Production Skids offer quality and safe operation for years; backed by our attentive customer service and warranty. Our skids are ready to fit your needs of a 20,000 gpy to 100,000 gpy production capacity.

Technologies include:

–          Reactor and Methoxide Reactor Skids

–          Vacuum Assisted Methanol Recovery

–          Ion Exchange Column Dry Wash Skids

–          Water Wash and Settling Tanks

–          Oil Settling, Filtration and Dewatering Skids

Features include:

–          Stainless Steel Tig-Welded Fluid Manifolds

–          Eductor tank mixing

–          Heavy-duty  industrial ready fittings and parts with a focus on materials compatibility

–          Rugged and efficient Haight gear pumps for mixing and recirculation

–          Portable and space efficient skid mounted design

–          Intuitive  manifold design

–          Safety first design includes external venting, sealed vessels and tank vacuum/pressure relief

–          One year warranty and lifetime technical support

–          Available in Class I Division II explosion-proof rated electronics

Contact for pricing and information.  Or you can reach Chris in the office at 919-321-8260.

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