Board of Directors

Lyle, Leif, Rachel, John and Don met amidst the piles of Summer Shop at a board meeting in 2006

Lyle, Leif, Rachel, John and Don met amidst the piles of Summer Shop at a board meeting in 2006

A volunteer board of directors has governed Piedmont Biofuels since the beginning.  Originally it was just Leif, Lyle, and Rachel.  No board meetings.  No minutes.  We just rolled hard on making fuel, and doing outreach, and cobbling together a facility, and doing all the fun things we do.

In 2005 we “became a real board,” elected from the membership.  You are welcome to check out our Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation to see about terms and stuff.  You are welcome to steal them and use them for your own project if they are helpful in anyway, and in the spirit of open source sharing, if you do use them, give us a nod or a wink or a citation somewhere.

In 2006 we held our annual meeting in Durham as a tip of the hat to our Durham members who were engaged in Bull City Biodiesel and Carolina Biodiesel.  For awhile, Jurgen came to our board meetings to represent the “Durham point of view.”

In 2007 we elected new board members at a meeting in Raleigh, where we had opened our fueling location at Larry’s Beans.  In 2008 we elected our board members at the West End Wine Bar in Chapel Hill, and our 2009 annual meeting was held at Shakori Hills.

Over the years we have tried to publish our minutes in Events Blog, and we have done a sort of spotty job of it.  You can search Events and find minutes from many of our past Board meetings, but they are poorly organized, go by different titles, and are somewhat incoherent.

We are gratetful to all of the people who have contributed to our Board over the years. We have had more than a dozen people serve. The Coop Board currently consists of Simon, Bob, Matt, Greg, Ian, Jason, David and Lyle–a rather incestuous lot of hard core contributors. We tend to have our annual meetings in the spring of the year, and if you would like to run for the board, please join us.  Seats on the board tend to be contested, so you might want to show up and help out, or get known to the group before taking a run.  Obviously we want “activst” board members.  That is, people who are ready to do some heavy lifting to ensure the success of the project.  We are not that interested in talkavists and sage advisors who miss meetings–and prefer actual people who do actual work.

Board meetings tend to happen on Sunday mornings, before afternoon tour.  We’ve held many of them under the hickory trees, some on the front porch, some next to burn barrels, many at the kitchen table, and some at the kitchen at the Plant in Pittsboro.

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