At Piedmont Biofuels we have been making fuel since 2002.  We have gone from being biodiesel instructors and backyard enthusiasts at Central Carolina Community College to a team involved in full-time industrial biodiesel production, plant design and fabrication, and process research.  We’ve gained experience in federal and state grant writing and administration.  We’ve designed and fabricated a wide range of fuel production equipment, and of course we’ve made a lot of fuel.  We’ve done business in an industry in constant flux from a policy, regulatory, and price perspective and managed to stay ahead of the curve.

Our consulting business is based on the knowledge acquired from years of trial and error, and we’ve been sharing our successes and failures with clients along the way.  We have helped new biodiesel plants get off the ground, existing biodiesel plants design equipment upgrades and test new feedstocks for biodiesel production, and much more.

We are committed to helping others change the renewable energy landscape in the United States and abroad.  Call us at 919-321-8260 to determine how we can help you, or come by for a free tour every Sunday at 1:00pm or the first Friday of every month at 10:00am.  For more information about free tours, go to The Abundance Foundation’s webpage.

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