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Introduction to Biofuels

Vegetable Oil as Alternative Fuel

Sound far-fetched? A man named Rudolf Diesel was doing exactly this over one hundred years ago. Find out how to make your own biodiesel fuel or convert your diesel vehicle to drive around on a clean, renewable alternative to expensive, highly toxic petroleum. This course will examine the historical precedent of using vegetable oil based fuels, the rise in popularity and dependence on petroleum, delve into the mechanics of diesel engines and vegetable oil fuel systems, explore the chemistry of biodiesel and the related technology, and discuss the environmental, social, economic, and political implications of using vegetable oil or biodiesel as alternative fuels. In the final third of the course students will work on group projects. This innovative program is the first of its kind in North Carolina and is a new learning experience for those committed to a sustainable future. Learn from experienced instructors. Classroom knowledge is supported by hands-on know-how to nurture local sustainable initiatives.

Download our Biofuels Curriculum! It’s here for your knowledge–open-source biofuels educational material. Leif and Rachel developed this 16-week course over a period of three years.

Biofuels Class Syllabus

Currently, our class is being taught as a 10 week Continuing Education course. For more information or to register, call CCCC at (919) 542-2201.

If you would like to make a tax deductible donation to our Biofuels program, please contact the CCCC Biofuels Foundation at 919-718-7231.

Energy Balance

NOx Emissions

Feasibility Studies

Technical & Safety

Images & Humor

Lifecycle Analysis


Political & Legal

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