Mobile Biodiesel Education Unit

The Piedmont Biofuels’ Mobile Biodiesel Education Unit, also known as  the “Clean Tech” trailer is our premiere mode of educating the general public about biodiesel production and use in clean diesel engines.

Our Mobile Biodiesel Education unit provides a hands-on educational experience designed to appeal to the educational
community, students and teachers alike, agricultural producers, biofuels users, and the public in general.

Piedmont’s educational presentations are an excellent complement or “guest speaker” to any science, environmental engineering, sustainability, or agricultural curricula in all levels of education- middle, high school, as well as college classrooms. Demonstrating biodiesel production provides a wide variety of educational opportunities across several disciplines. At a time when more and more young people are embracing principals of sustainability and personal responsibility as stewards of our planet, teachers can use the biodiesel process to demonstrate a closed cycle, recycling process from seed crop cultivation to fuel, through their
stomachs and into the reactor.

Let us be an integrative part of your lesson plans- educators, you can reinforce their school science curriculums with on-site, “hands on” chemistry. Students will literally have the opportunity to see how vegetable oil is extracted from oilseed crops and how this vegetable oil used to make the French fries in their cafeteria, and how this oil is then recycled into the fuel for their school buses.

Please contact Chris Jude to book the Mobile Biodiesel Education Unit for your event or classroom, at 919-321-8260

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