Energy Balance Revisited

In 2009 Piedmont Biofuels was adopted by a graduate seminar class from NC State University.  They spent a semester with us, studying the life cycle analysis of our industrial plant.  At the time we had some pretty good data.  We had just finished a year of processing poultry fat into fuel.

Here is what they learned.  In the fall of 2009 Rachel will be delivering a paper in Munich to the American Oleo Chemist Society (AOCS).  She will be using some of this work as a launch point.

It’s funny.  We went from Scott Hoover’s analysis of our farm scale operation, to this analysis of our commercial plant.  In the intervening years we have gone from curious teachers at the community college to scientists who make peer reviewed contributions.

Coming from the open source movement, I feel like we should release early and release often.  Others on our project would prefer to wait until the facts are as good as can be.

Here is our current stab at the subject.

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