Solvency Effects

Biodiesel is an excellent solvent and tends to slowly dissolve substances like paint, concrete, and rubber.

Some fuel lines (usually found in vehicles made before 1993) are made out of rubber that pure biodiesel or high blends of biodiesel will degrade over time. We recommend swapping out your rubber fuel lines for new ones that are fully biodiesel compatible. Changing your fuel lines is probably a good idea if you have an older vehicle anyway since old rubber hardens and can begin cracking and leaking.

Any fuel line that meets or exceeds SAE J30R9 is supposed to be biodiesel compatible. Gates, Goodyear, and Thermoid are a few common manufacturers. Before ordering biodiesel compatible replacement lines determine which ones are rubber and what diameter and length they are.

Because biodiesel is such a good cleaning agent it will dissolve and remove old petroleum deposits in your fuel delivery system. These deposits will end up in your fuel filter and eventually clog it. You can tell when a filter is beginning to clog when you notice acceleration feels bogged down or slower than normal. If you are switching from petroleum diesel to pure biodiesel we suggest having a spare fuel filter in your vehicle and knowing how to change it.

According to the manufacturers the following list of fuel lines are B100 compatible. We can not confirm their claims yet. If you have more information on biodiesel compatible fuel lines, components, tricks, tips, or information focused on specific makes and models please contact us and we will post it here.

Biodiesel Compatible Fuel Lines

  • Goodyear part numbers 65148 thru 65153 & 65161 thru 65163 meet SAE specification J30R9. B100 compatible hose brochure.
  • Gates part number 4698.
  • Kuriyama part number A4143.
  • NAPA fuel injection hose part H205. (Their site doesn’t seem to work on Mac.)
  • McMaster Carr Viton rubber tubing part number 5119K51 (among many others).
  • Thomas Register listing of other viton tubing suppliers.

Teflon Stallion hose

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