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We manufacture, market and distribute biodiesel, glycerin and fatty acids from multiple fats and oils. Today everything is made out of recycled fryer grease but that could change if we source other raw materials.


We manufacture fully warranted, EPA-registered biodiesel that meets the national ASTM quality specification (D-6751). We are the only BQ9000 certified producer in North Carolina.

We prefer to sell bulk B100 but can also sell B99. We sell tax-in (i.e. road taxes included) or tax-out either dyed or with an IRS exempt certificate.

We prefer if you send your tanker to pick loads up at our terminal but can also arrange transportation if needed. A typical full load is 7,500 gallons and short truck loads tend to rage from about 1,000 to 4,000 gallons. If needed, we can load open mouth drums, totes and flexitanks but prefer not to because they require longer load times and greater attention. Each load ships with a Certificate of Analysis for that particular batch attached to the Shipping Manifest.

All vessels used for pickup must comply with our Tanker Cleanliness Standard and we’ll need a signed copy at the time of pickup.

If you participate in the RFS program we can transfer RINs with gallons but need to know this when the order is placed.

If you do not participate in the RFS program or choose to delegate compliance to us we need a signed Indemnity Agreement on file at the time of pickup.

Crude Glycerin

We sell 75% crude glycerin by the tanker load or smaller quantity if needed. Glycerin Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS). Typical Glycerin Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Fatty Acids

We sell 75% fatty acid mixture by the tanker load or smaller quantity if needed. Fatty Acid Material Data Safety Sheet (MSDS). Typical Fatty Acid Certificate of Analysis (COA).

Boiler Fuel

Our biomass derived boiler fuel is a good alternative to heavy diesel and waste petroleum oils commonly used in robust waste oil boiler systems.

Flammable Fatty Acid Methyl Ester

This product is a blend of fatty acids, methanol, glycerin and methyl esters. We sell it by the tanker load or smaller quantity as needed.

For pricing, email McCayne Miller and specify the product and quantity you want quoted. Our regular loading hours are 9 am to 3 pm, Monday through Friday.  McCayne@biofuels.coop

The plant address for pickups is:

Piedmont Biofuels Industrial
220 Lorax Lane #1
Pittsboro, NC 27312

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