We sell biodiesel at a 100%, or 99.99% blend. Sometimes we even add petroleum to a greater percentage.

Every drop of biodiesel we sell is fully warranted, EPA-registered biodiesel that meets the national ASTM quality specification (D-6751).

We are the only BQ9000 accredited producer of biodiesel in North Carolina.

We stand behind our product and will cover any fuel quality related problems should they occur.

Some engine manufacturers recommend specific blend levels, and it is our customer’s decision as to whether or not they wish to conform to a manufacturer’s recommendation. Many major engine companies have stated formally that the use of up to a B20 blend will not violate parts and workmanship claims.

Federal Law prohibits engine manufacturers from voiding engine warranties based on blend levels. The Magnuson-Moss Act limits warranty restrictions to parts and workmanship, which means they cannot lawfully void a warranty based on fuel.

Proper storage, handling and use of our product is assumed. Here is some in depth information on biodiesel storage and use.

There are a number of ways to purchase fuel from us:

  • You can join the local B100 community by becoming a member of Piedmont Biofuels. You can buy fuel at any of the stops on the B100 Community Trail. That’s a misnomer, by the way. It started out life pumping B100. Then the IRS decided they would only issue their “Blender’s Credit” to those with B99. When the world squawked mightily they changed it to B99.999. Nowadays RINS are the next big thing. In order to benefit from RINS we need to distribute B80. Whatever. Rumor has it that everything will change again in January of 2010. Back to B100 again. We do what we have to do to comply, and qualify, but no one has ever changed the name of the trail. Today there are nine locations in the triangle, serviced by multiple companies, and we are hard at work to add more. We are proud of the fact that some say this is the largest “B100″ community on the continent.
  • We can bring you fuel. We have two “short trucks” that deliver fuel around the region. Each one carries about 1500 gallons or so. If you have your own fueling infrastructure, we can simply drop fuel off. If you would like to buy fueling infrastructure, we can sell it to you.
  • You can visit our terminal in Pittsboro. We have engineered and constructed the first B100 fuel terminal in North Carolina, from which we can fill top loading tank trucks, bottom loading tractor trailers, 250 gallon totes, 55 gallon drums, and everything in between. We can fill a shot glass with B100 if you would like.


Our biodiesel is most commonly purchased as “on-road” fuel, and includes all state and federal taxes. We can sell fuel “tax-out” for farm, home heating, marine, generators, and other “off-road” uses. Off-road fuel is dyed to indicate that the road taxes have not been paid.

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