Feedstock is what we use to make biodiesel. From the beginning we have been committed to a “multi-feedstock” philosophy. That is, we have always included flexibility into our thinking, and designs.

We make biodiesel out of a wide variety of oils. When we were in the backyard we made biodiesel from anything we could scoop. When we entered commercial production we began on virgin soybean oil. When that became too expensive we retooled our plant to run poultry fat. When poultry fat became too expensive we started running on waste vegetable oil–some of which we collect ourselves.

That includes canola, peanut, soy, safflower, and anything else restaurants use.

These days we are opportunistic. We run waste virgin oils–that is, oil that has never been used, but is scheduled to be discarded by industry. These include coconut, palm, lemon-infused soy, etc. Sometimes the fuel made from these feedstocks causes exhaust to smell like exotic flavors. We buy sunflower oil and we buy “stranded” loads of virgin soy from time to time.

There is a “second generation” feedstock being bandied about, and that is oil from algae. It’s not ready for prime time at this point, but who knows? Perhaps we will find ourselves re-working our plant a fourth time to accomodate algae oil.

If you would like to sell us some feedstocks, you might want to read up on our requirements.

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