Selling us Feedstocks

1. We’re Buying. We buy a variety of fats and oils. (Of course, we also buy alcohol, catalyst, neutralizer and filter aid). If you have some material you’re looking for a home for please email McCayne or call (919) 321-8260. The price we can pay is based on product quality as determined by our Lab.

2. Send Sample or Report of Analysis. You can either provide us with your test results or send us a 1 liter sample that is representative of the entire load with a description of the product. Please include a Certificate of Analysis and Material Safety Data Sheet if available. If you require additional tests or want the results email Rachel or call her at 919-321-8260.

The shipping address is:
Piedmont Biofuels Industrial
Attn: Lab Sample
220 Lorax Lane
Pittsboro, NC 27312

3. Deliver the Product. Every load that is delivered will be sampled and tested by our Lab at the plant gate before it is accepted. If the product is in spec we will accept the load and transfer it into our bulk storage tank. If the product is slightly out of spec the Laboratory Manager has the discretion to offer to accept the load at a discounted rate. Pricing is based on how quality negatively effects our biodiesel yield. If the product is way out of spec we will be forced to refuse the load.

All tanks used to deliver product must be equipped with (or adapted to) either 2″ or 3″ male CAM (quick disconnect) fittings. We cannot accept deliveries in single containers smaller than an IBC tote. If multiple tanks are used we would prefer for them to be plumbed together so that only one connection is necessary for unloading. Full tanker loads are preferred. We have 2″ and 3″ hoses available and a 150 gallon per minute pump. Our pump likes 3″ lines so if you have 2″ restrictions in your plumbing it is best to bring your own offloading pump.

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