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Consumer Choices Make a Difference!

You can be an awakening customer and a conscientious eater  by supporting establishments that recycle their used cooking oil into biodiesel.  When you visit please leave a Compliments to the Chef Card. The area restaurants that provide us with the oil we use to make fuel can be found right here.

Free Lunch Program:

There is such a thing as Free Lunch!

We’re starting a new program to say “Thank you” to our Partners in Sustainability and our devoted members. Everybody wins.

Here is how everyone else does it: They pay pennies on the gallon for a restaurant’s used cooking oil.

Here is how we do it: We add value to our restaurants by advertising, marketing, and sending our membership to their tables. We have eaters–that is–customers, and those customers are you.

HERE IS THE TWIST: We are sending YOU to do the thanking and the eating. Each of our members can expect a gift certificate in the mail over the next three months that will let you dine at one of our Partners in Sustainability restaurants.

Don’t forget to thank the restaurant for all they do for their community! And let them know that you came to eat running on fuel made from their grease.

Finding Partners in Sustainability:

The hard part about the waste oil collection business isn’t driving the truck, and it’s not the piles of greasy laundry that we can’t get clean. The hard part is talking with restaurants about using us as their waste oil collection service. We need hundreds of restaurants on our collection routes. That means interacting with hundreds of managers, and having thousands of conversations about why waste oil recycling matters.

If you want to take part in spreading the word to restaurants in your area, please get involved!

Take a minute to find out how you can help to make a difference today by reading our marketing package, also available in Spanish.

For any questions and concerns, please feel free to drop us an email.


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