Welcome to the BIOFUELS INTEREST GROUP listserve.  We think it is BIG!

This group is here for you, so feel free to ask any question or to discuss anything biofuel related.  But before you post, please take a few minutes to read the following rules and guidelines about posting on this listserve.  By being mindful of the rules, everyone can have a good time talking about biofuels. The normal rules of civil discourse and netiquette apply to users of the BIG list:

  1. Edit your replies.  When replying to a previous post, select the meaningful portions, and quote from it, but do not include the entire text in your reply.
  2. Use “in-line,” rather than using “on-top” responses. 

    Quote from post
    –your reply
    Quote from post
    –your reply


  3. “On-top” responses tend to reverse the conversation, make things exceedingly hard to follow and are commonly ignored by many subscribers
  4. Provide links instead of whole articles.  If your post is of interest, the reader can link out to it and enjoy it with a browser, rather than using their mail client.  Not all text formats appear correctly in all mail clients.  Formatting problems can be eliminated by providing links.
  5. Keep advertisements to a minimum.  A lot of diesel vehicles are traded on this list, which is fine, but the number of posts selling goods and services should be proportional to other contributions you make to the conversation.  This is not a commercial list.
  6. No inappropriate language or subject matter will be tolerated. If you chose to post something that is inappropriate, you will be permanently banned from the listserve. No warnings will be given. If you have a question about what is inappropriate and what is not, please ask before you post and we will be happy to guide you on this matter.
  7. Please try to keep your “signature” to a minimum. It is extremely difficult to follow posts with short messages and really long signatures. Also, high graphic signatures eat up a lot of bandwidth and slow things down. If you have signatures that fit either of these descriptions, we ask that you modify them when using this list.
  8. Please stay on-topic or your post will be deleted. Please keep your post to the topics listed above. Casual conversations between posters will be deleted without notice. We do not use “chat room” or “short-cut English” on this list. Posts using, for example, “kewl,” “u” for “you,” or no capitalization or punctuation will be deleted.  While it is true that we do “lyt ” (luv ya tons), we prefer proper usage.
  9. Disagreeing with another poster will inevitably happen. However, “flaming” another poster will not be tolerated. You can post a dissenting opinion without attacking another poster. If you do, you will be banned.
  10. From time to time you will receive messages from the BIG list administrators.  These messages will have Please Read in the subject line, and they will notify list users of maintenance, or other issues associated with the list.
  11. Please do not post messages directly to the webmaster or administrator. The only exception would be to notify them that there is a technical problem with the list. They are here to make sure things run smoothly and that posters are following the rules — not to get into discussions/debates with posters.
  12. For virus control, the BIG list does not accept attachments.  They are stripped off before messages are sent to list members.  This way it is not possible to get a virus from the BIG list.
  13. From time to time you will receive messages from the BIG list administrators.  These messages will have Please Read in the subject line, and they will notify list users of maintenance, or other issues associated with the list.

For more information on netiquette, try Ben Goren’s “Play Nice, Children”:

We are grateful to Keith Addison for his “Rules of the List,” which you can visit at:

Our goal is to further information sharing about biofuels throughout the Southeast and  North Carolina.  It is important to have a place to network with others who are producing, using or researching biofuels.  Be sure to visit the links and other discussion forums listed below for more helpful information on biodiesel, straight vegetable oil, and other biofuels.

Below are some highly recommended resources for learning more:
Piedmont Biofuels Energy Blog:
Collaborative Biodiesel Tutorial:
Biodiesel Homebrewing Guide available from:
InfoPop Biodiesel Forum Forum for all things Biodiesel:
Biodiesel Now A great forum for general biodiesel information:

Other recommended Biofuel discussion Groups:
Local B100 Biz Forum of dedicated to biodiesel businesses & regulations:
Vegoil-Diesel Dedicated to all thing’s SVO
Biofuel mailing list (Journey to

Thanks for your interest and happy biofueling!
Biofuels Interest Group listserve moderators

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