Link Schumacher

Link was born in Paducah, KY.  He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Kentucky Paducah Campus in 2002.  After six months at the Biobay Conservation Group in Vieques, Puerto Rico and a year and a half of travel he took a position at the Kentucky Division for Air Quality in Frankfort, KY.  A year later in 2005 he began a two year biodiesel research project that culminated in his thesis and Master’s Degree in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering from the University of Kentucky in Lexington.  While reading Biodiesel Power (Lyle’s first book) shortly after graduation he received a call for an interview by Lyle Estill and Chris Jude for the Production  position that had opened.  He began making fuel in the fall of 2007 for Piedmont Biofuels.  He worked in the Production Department managing the team that made over 1MM gallons of biodiesel in 2008. In 2009, Link took a sabbatical, simplified his life, and married his lovely wife, Hannah.  He now enjoys a pleasant life of family endeavors, fuel production, and meditation.  His personal passions include self growth, attaining his goal of chopping his own fire wood into his 90’s, and the smell of his wife’s soap.  Disassembling pumps with Jasper and candle lit full moon nights also rank high on his list.

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