Local Diesel Mechanic Testimonies

We have compiled a partial list of mechanics in the triangle area who members of the coop recommend. Please email us with a few words about your favorite mechanic and we’ll include it on this page. We have also listed a few shops, below, that we do not recommend.

Jimmy Bryant, Independent Repair Shop, Sanford, NC

~Jimmy is very well-qualified VW technician. He is an excellent choice for    all types of  TDI maintenance from timing belts to brake jobs.

Apex Tuning, Gary

1015 Corporation Pkwy.Suite 111, Raleigh, NC 27610; Office: (919) 231-0094

~Gary is knowledgeable, honest, flexible, and reasonable.

Mercedes Benz of Cary, NC

2400 Auto Park Boulevard
Cary, NC 27511
(866) 702-3689

~They think is biodiesel is great! I recommend them.

Passport Motors
600 Franklin St, Chapel Hill
(919) 929-3131

I really like the folks at Passport. I have a gas jetta that they do all my tool/time intensive repairs on. I am in the market for a diesel Jetta and I intend to stay with Passport when I convert to the light side. John or Jim work on mine, both do diesel work. Jim owns the business, Trish is the business manager, all local folks. She sets up the appointments. I have worked with them for a year and a half now, I think they are good money for value. I needed a water pump about 8 months ago and they put it in parts and all for $400, which was $200 less than a shop in Winston-Salem I used for years and $700 less than those B$%#%$# at Southern States Volkswagen of Durham wanted.

Autobahn Automotive
Atlantic Blvd, Raleigh

Have used Robert at Autobahn for YEARS.

Import Auto Werks – Chris Dale (eastern NC) (919) 871-5850
1823 E Millbrook Rd # 106
Raleigh, NC 27609

-Recommended by the TDI Club list
German Imports
6385 Irish Potato Road
Kannapolis, NC

-Recommended by the TDI Club list
Cary Motor Co.
531 E. Chatham St, Cary
(919) 465-1776

He’s been working on Mercedes Benz’s since the mid 80’s, probably longer. I think they charge $70-$80/hr, not sure if that’s too expensive.
I’m sure he’ll figure out whats wrong with your car in no time. He was just working on a red TDI 2 weeks ago when I saw him last. He was servicing my car before my annual 4th of July trip to Maine.
He and the company he keeps are part of a solid cohort of Durham guys. A couple of whom I have known since the mid-90’s. I havent known Larry but a year now but wow is his group a smart crew, and no pretense. The other guy who owns the garage, Lonnie Long has a different location in Durham where they do all the other cars mostly imports (other than German and British) and domestics.
Those guys have worked on 1 Rabbit diesel I had, 1 Subaru station wagon, 4 Merecedes, 1 Pontiac, 1 MGB, and I’ve referred them countless times. And I’ve never had a bad report. Just call him and talk to him (Paul and Michael work there too they specialize in Audi, VW, etc.). Nobody will do a thing you don’t authorize.

Durham, NC
(919) 544-6174

Taken the biofuels class.

These repair shops are less friendly to biodiesel users: Al’s Garage in Carrboro; Automotion in Carrboro, and Meineke in Carrboro.

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