Membership Agreement

Piedmont Biofuels Member-Ownership Agreement

Rev. 01/14/2013

This form represents a contract between Piedmont Biofuels, Inc. (“us“) and “you.”

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This contract (and all terms mentioned herein) applies only to the above mentioned parties, and supercedes any previous versions. It is the responsibility of the owner to read all of the following information prior to purchasing fuel from Piedmont Biofuels. Please call if you have any questions.

  1. Consumer Cooperative:      Piedmont Biofuels is a consumer cooperative that is owned by its members.      Each member owns one share in the cooperative and is entitled to all the      rights and benefits of ownership including but not limited to: the right      to fuel that is renewable, the right to lower emissions, the right to fuel      from local sources, and the right to energy that can be produced and      distributed without any war required. As a member-owner, you are entitled      to purchase clean burning, renewable biodiesel from the cooperative, and      you are entitled to vote for board members at Piedmont’s annual membership      meeting.  The cost of one coop share      is $50 per annum.
  2. B100 Community Trail:  Piedmont distributes its fuel through      its locations of the B100 Community Trail.       This trail is a misnomer, since it is actually B99.9% biodiesel      most of the year.
  3. Biodiesel:      Quality of the fuel is very important to us. We sell only EPA registered      100% biodiesel made to ASTM standards.       We are a BQ9000 certified biodiesel producer.
  4. Delivery and pickup:      It is our policy to receive a signed ownership agreement from the owner      prior to the first delivery. Barring other arrangements, a) the owner will      be called in advance of delivery and b) all storage containers will be      filled to capacity. Residential biodiesel deliveries are based on cash on      delivery. Piedmont Biofuels accepts Cash, Check, and  NC Plentys (our      local currency).
  5. Owner Responsibility and Disclosure: It is the owner’s responsibility to give accurate      directions and special instructions (i.e. combinations to gates, road      conditions, length of hose needed, etc.). If the owner cannot be present      for the delivery, for any reason, then we must receive advance notice and      a) we must be furnished with whatever is necessary (i.e. gate key) to be      able to do the delivery in the owner’s absence, or b) the delivery will be      postponed for a later date. If we arrive for a scheduled delivery and are      not able to pump the fuel due to the owner’s absence, the owner will be      billed for travel time at the rate of $25/hr.
  6. Storage and pumps:      If needed, Piedmont Biofuels will sell you appropriately-sized containers      for use in storing and dispensing biodiesel. Call for pricing. Please      note: the biodiesel compatibility of any storage container Piedmont      Biofuels sells you is guaranteed. We offer a broad range of fueling      equipment, including pumps, meters, auto-shutoff nozzles, non-rubber      hoses, and many other biodiesel-compatible components.  We will assemble and install your pump      and accessories. It is the owner’s responsibility to maintain and properly      use the provided equipment.
  7. Precautions and disclaimers: The following are facts concerning biodiesel and its      usage. Piedmont Biofuels will not warranty against, cannot prevent, and      will not indemnify you for any problems listed below, should they occur.      You as a user must be aware of and responsible for these qualities of biodiesel      fuel:
    1. Solvent Properties: Biodiesel, in addition to being fuel, is an       effective solvent, and will act accordingly. This means that:
      1. Biodiesel will dissolve        existing solids—created through usage of petroleum (“petro”)        diesel—in your vehicle’s fuel system. These solids will clog your vehicle’s fuel filter. When        this happens depends on many factors, but can be recognized by the        following symptoms: power loss, engine sputtering, difficulty        starting, and poor fuel mileage. When you notice these symptoms,        you will have to replace your vehicle’s fuel filter (possibly more        than once, depending on the amount of petro solids in the fuel system). Piedmont        Biofuels recommends keeping at least one spare fuel filter on hand at        all times. Clogging of fuel filters also occurs with old fuel        storage containers that contained petro diesel. When dealing with such        large fuel tanks, fuel filters may have to be changed many times, and        cleaning of the tank prior to biodiesel usage may be a more suitable        alternative.
      2. Biodiesel will, over time,        dissolve most types of paint.        For this reason, Piedmont Biofuels recommends keeping a clean, soft, dry        rag on hand when fueling, to gently wipe off any spillage. When the rag        becomes soaked with biodiesel, put it in a dark, closed storage        container to await proper disposal. Do not leave fuel-soaked rags        crumpled up in the sun. Under such conditions, the rags are prone        to spontaneous combustion due to oxidation and the heat generated during        that process.
      3. Biodiesel will degrade rubber        components in older vehicles’ fuel systems faster than petro diesel. These components include        some hoses, seals, and o-rings. Most diesel vehicles made after 1993 use        synthetic components, eliminating this problem. Please contact the        manufacturer for answers on specific parts. Should your rubber        components need replacement, we recommend Viton or urethane substitutes.        Call us for more information.
    2. Cold Weather Properties: Depending on its feedstock, biodiesel can gel at       temperatures as high as 40 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. During       the winter months, the only way to be 100% certain your fuel will not gel       is to maintain a percentage of petro diesel in your fuel supply (exact       quantity varies with climate). This is especially recommended for       vehicles with electronically-controlled, highly-sensitive fuel injection       systems, such as those found in Volkswagen TDIs and Chevrolet/GMC       Duramaxes. Feel free to ask us about other possibilities for cold       weather fuel storage, including heating elements and insulation.  During cold weather months, Piedmont       adulterates its normal B99.9 to lower percentage blends, such as       B80.  You can tell the percentage       blend level in the tank by reading the notice on the bulletin at each       trail location.
    3. Vehicle Emissions and Performance: Because every engine is different, Piedmont       Biofuels makes no claims about the emissions or performance when burning       our fuel. Biodiesel will not have the same effects on every vehicle.
    4. Biodiesel Storage Etiquette: The quality of the fuel, as delivered, is the responsibility       of Piedmont Biofuels. When the delivery is complete, the quality of the       fuel becomes the owner’s responsibility. Biodiesel should not be       stored more than 6 months without topping off or cycling. Biodiesel can       oxidize when exposed to air and light for extended periods, resulting in       a “rancid” fuel that can have negative effects on your       vehicle’s performance. Biodiesel needs to be stored properly, in a dark       container, away from air and water. Use a filter with a water       separator. Like diesel, biodiesel can attract bugs and biological       contamination. The potential for contamination should be taken very       seriously, and guarding against it is the owner’s responsibility.       Large fuel containers must be vented properly. Regarding rust and age       issues of storage containers, see section VI. 1(a), above.
    5. Fuel Additives:       Biodiesel, in this document, is defined as B99.9 biodiesel. If you       would like to use an additive in your fuel, for whatever reason, we       recommend you call us so we can share with you the benefit of our       experience. Piedmont Biofuels cannot be held responsible for any       liabilities concerning biodiesel that has had additives (including       biodiesel produced by another party and any brand of petro diesel no. 1       or no. 2) put in it by someone other than us. If you plan on blending       our biodiesel with petro diesel, remember: the better quality the diesel,       the better the blend.


VIII.                RINS. Fuel distributed through the B100 Community Trail, or through private tank distribution is intended for onroad use.  All state and federal road and excise taxes are included in the price paid to Piedmont.  Piedmont’s fuel is registered with the EPA and qualifies for their Renewable Identification Number (RIN) program.  It is understood by Piedmont’s members that these RINs are not included in the gallons provided and that acceptance of this membership agreement assigns all rights to RIN Retention and Separation to Piedmont Biofuels Industrial LLC for compliance purposes.


All information contained in this Ownership Agreement is believed to be accurate at the time of printing. If the application of any provision of this contract should be held invalid, the remaining provisions thereof shall not be affected thereby, but shall continue to be given full force and effect.

In addition to the above precautions and disclaimers, Piedmont Biofuels reminds you that many mechanics have not heard of biodiesel, nor worked on vehicles using it as fuel. PIEDMONT BIOFUELS WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISDIAGNOSES OR REPAIRS, NECESSARY OR UNNECESSARY, FOR THIS REASON.


I have read, understand and agree to the terms of this Ownership Agreement.

Signed: Date: / /

This membership agreement is based in part on a Service Agreement created by our friends at Yokayo Biofuels. They asked us to include this message: “Copyright © 2004 by Yokayo Biofuels, Inc. Used by permission. Requests to reprint all or part of this Service Agreement: see contact info at”

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