The Price of Biodiesel

Our pricing policy is simple: price changes with feedstock cost and biodiesel demand.

The components for the biodiesel price are calculated in the following manner in cents per gallon and then converted into a percentage:

Feedstock – Cost for raw materials including fat/oil, methanol, catalyst, filter aid and yield adjustment.

Refining – Cost of manufacturing biodiesel.

Distribution – Cost to deliver fuel to the B100 Community Trail, maintain equipment, and administer transactions.

Taxes – Federal and state taxes applied to biodiesel.

Check out Understanding the Price of Biodiesel for a more complete look at our costs and their relationship to global commodities markets.

Free quotes on some of the global commodities that affect the price of biodiesel:
– Diesel fuel: Oil Price Information Service
– Diesel fuel: Energy Information Administration
– Crude oil: New York Mercantile Exchange
– Soybean oil: Chicago Board of Trade
– Canola oil: Winnipeg Commodity Exchange
– Foreign currency: Chicago Mercantile Exchange

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