Published Research

We make our research available both through traditional academic publications and white papers.

Here are some of our research efforts in their published or soon to be published formats:


City of Raleigh Sunflower Project
Trap Grease Feasibility Study for the NC Biofuels Center
Market Analysis of Glycerol Carbonate for the NC Biofuels Center
Evaluation of two step reaction and enzymatic approaches for biodiesel production from spent coffee grounds, International Journal of Green Energy, 7:5, 530 – 536.
Conversion of degummed soybean oil to biodiesel: optimization of degumming methods and evaluation of fuel properties, International Journal of Green Energy, 7:6, 594 – 599.
Preparation and characterization of biodiesel produced from fish oil, Chemistry and Technology of Fuels and Oils, vol 46, no. 5, 2010


Using proton nuclear magnetic resonance as a rapid response research tool for methyl ester, (Marc ter Horst, Stephanie Urbin, Rachel Burton, and Christina MacMillan)
Treatment and Disposal of Biodiesel Wash Water.  (White Paper)
Recent Development of Biodiesel Feedstocks and the Applications of
Glycerol: A ReviewEnergy Balance Analysis of a One Million Gallon Biodiesel Production Facility

Preparation and Characterization of Biodiesel produced from Recycled Canola Oil
“The Open Fuels and Energy Science Journal”
Reaction Efficiency for Biodiesel Production Utilizing Hydro-dynamic Cavitation
Characterization of the effect of high voltage current on the enhancement of biodiesel/glycerin separation. (White Paper)
Small scale degumming techniques for oil entering the biodiesel market. (White Paper)
Feasibility Study for Griffin Farms through the NC Biofuels Center (cover page, part 1, part 2)


High Voltage Separation of Biodiesel from Glycerin. (poster presented at the 2008 Sustainable Biodiesel Summit)


Real World Experiences from a Small Biodiesel Production Facility. AOCS. Inform Magazine, September 2007

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