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Here at Piedmont Biofuels we run a specialized biodiesel production quality control laboratory.

Often we consult with others that are building biodiesel plants or working on perfecting their current process for new equipment or variations in catalyst or feedstock. If you are looking for assistance in either quality control or process adjustments, we can provide analytical support. We usually have a 3 day turnaround once the sample is recieved.

At Piedmont Biofuels, we can evaluate biodiesel feedstocks for their suitability for various biodiesel production technologies. We have worked with a variety of feedstocks including but not limited to: virgin oils (soybean, canola, palm, peanut, sunflower, cottonseed), animal fats, yellow and brown greases, and other less conventional material. A feedstock performance analysis will include our initial feedstock analysis in addition to a lab scale processing to determine reaction capability and process performance.

Currently we have the analytical capability to test several of the ASTM standards for Biodiesel D6751 in addition to AOCS (American Oil Chemist Society) methodology for fats and oils and European test methods for biodiesel

Piedmont Biofuels’ Bio-refinery operations includes analytical capabilities to process and determine the quality of crude biodiesel glycerin. If you want to better understand the co-product of your biodiesel process, send us a sample.

We have also worked with many customers on individualized testing and analysis which are not included here. Call us and put our knowledge to work for you.

Finally, we can test your feedstock with our FAeSTER process, which can reduce FFA in feedstocks from 100% to less than 1%. We can NOW also test your feedstock with liquid enzymes for transesterification. We can perform a reuse trial for either the FAeSTER process or enzymatic biodiesel transesterification. Proof of concept is $250 per run and each reuse trial is $100.

Our current on-site capabilities include:

Analysis Tests Included Cost Amount of Sample
Feedstock Analysis Free Fatty Acid Content, Moisture, Water and Sediment $75.00 1L required
Feedstock Performance Lab-scale process evaluation (minibatch) $100.00/hr 2L required
ASTM D6751 PLUS All ASTM D 6751, plus Moisture and Soap content $800.00 3L required
Critical Producer Biodiesel Critical Tests based on ASTM D6751 $400.00 1L required
Individual Tests Click here for List of Individual Tests varies varies
FAeSTER feedstock testing Evaluates the FAeSTER process using your feedstock. Lab scale testing for either transesterification or the FAeSTER process, Enzyme reuse trials, or pilot scale evaluation are available.Comprehensive enzyme reuse trials requires a minimum 5 gallon sample. Pilot trial is 55 gallons. $250 – $2500 2 liters, 5 gallons, 55 gallons.

For a full description of tests with specific methods, click here for the Complete List of Tests.

How do I submit a sample for testing?

1) Fill out this form. Print a copy and include it in the sample package.

2) Package the required amount of sample and send it to the address below. Samples should always been properly sealed and packaged – meaning containers with tight lids sealed with tape, all contained inside at least one sealed plastic bag in case of spills. Also, samples should be clearly labeled in multiple locations with sample name and sample type (crude biodiesel, finished biodiesel, glycerin, etc.).

Piedmont Biofuels Industrial
Attn: Lab Sample
220 Lorax Lane #1
Pittsboro, NC 27312

3) The payment will be processed once the testing is completed

4) Contact Paul Eudy, Laboratory Manager, with any questions.

Paul can be reached by phone at 919-321-0657, 919-321-8260 or email paul@biofuels.coop

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